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About Rev. Jenny

A native of southwest Denver, I attended Catholic school as a child where I was taught core values of service and social justice. As a young teen, my youth group exposed me to service work at the Catholic Worker Kitchen,  nursing home, and Children's Hospital. I had the good fortune to meet Mother Teresa at a youth retreat and I was inspired to use my life in service. I spent my 20's building ecovillages in Virginia, California, Missouri, England and Ireland. I was unchurched during those years, exploring Buddhist practices, neopaganism and the Baha'i faith. I returned to Colorado in my 30's, got married and started a family. Like so many people, that is when I went "church shopping" and realized that I had found my spiritual home at First Universalist Church of Denver. Like many people, my reaction was, "this is already invented?!" and over the next 20 years I have grown to understand the centuries old tradition of liberal religious thought that led to current Unitarian Universalist theology. 


After my divorce in 2015, I returned to college and began to hear my call to UU ministry more clearly. I did my undergrad studies in Social Work as preparation for ministry and in 2018 I was delighted to be accepted into one of two UU identity seminaries, Meadville Lombard Theological School. My seminary studies exposed me to parish ministry and hospice chaplaincy and I was delighted to be chosen to serve Columbine UU Church in Littleton, CO after completing my MDiv. I was called for ordination by Columbine and my home and teaching congregations and was ordained in May of 2022.  


I have been blessed to marry my beloved and adopt his/our son recently, completing our large and busy family. As a family we enjoy hiking and travelling, our extended families, and our menagerie of pets. 

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